Bucket List

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I’m a huge dreamer, and deep down I think we should all be. How can we feel accomplished if we have no goals? So, it’s no wonder I have a quite long bucket list.. How about you, do you ever think about the things you want to do in this life?

  • Visit the 7 world wonders (My goal is to see all of them before I’m 30! and I have 3 more to go..)
  • Skydive in Australia (I could settle for Dubai too)
  • Design a jewellery collection
  • Learn how to draw/illustrate
  • Work with an artisan
  • Have my own business/brand
  • Travel around Asia
  • Scuba dive in Egypt
  • Travel around Peru
  • Camp in the Amazon
  • Go sailing
  • Do a head stand in yoga
  • See my bestfriends getting married
  • Be financially independent
  • Buy a house/flat with my own money
  • Have a job that I can do wherever I want
  • Sing at a public place (the shopping mall I sang at doesn’t count!)
  • Visit places I’ve always dreamnt of: Marocco, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Sweden and Peru.
  • Give an interview on television
  • Have a child

And, just for fun, some things that I used to dream of doing when I was younger and I actually managed to d them (yay me. little pat on my backright now):

  • Traveling to India
  • Living in London
  • Watching a musical
  • Meeting Rupert Grint (I literally dreamnt of that when I was reading the books all the way in Brazil)
  • Going to Mexico
  • Visiting The Orange County (yep, this is a reference to The O.C)
  • Going to the Amazon
  • Going to one of the World Cups
  • Jumping from a waterfall (not just one, but 7!)
  • Getting tattoos
  • Living abroad
  • Having a dog

Veja esta página em português

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